Currently we are in the financing stage of the feature film of William and are looking for funds, partners and friends to support us. 


Her father unwell, Cato returns to the home, and the extraordinary son left in the care of his grandparents. Desperate to connect with the child she did not raise, the ghosts of her past grow ever more real as she struggles to strike the balance between her life’s work and the world she once chose to leave behind.


When Cato comes home for the first time in years under the impression that her father is slightly unwell, she is horrified to discover his illness is far more serious than she knew while her attempts to reconnect with her exceptional son, William, are thwarted by her own mother’s concerns for the boy. When her father dies suddenly, Cato is forced to revaluate her priorities while she, her mother and William deal with their tragic loss. Can Hannah and Cato come to terms with each other and find some common ground while making the best of their newfound family dynamic? Time will tell. 


Writer / Director: Caatje van Leeuwen

Producer: Five Knight Films (Ireland) Emerald Giant Productions (Ireland)

Co-producer: Sun Cat Productions

Executive-producer: Jeroen Beker

Start shoot: Spring 2019 in Ireland