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We create beyond our ego. And believe that in the collaborations of our love and talents, we craft something unique that will resonate with our audience on many levels.

Even though this is quite an idealistic project. We do believe it has the potential to reach a big crowd and that, Being you, will be distributed overseas aswell as in Holland.
Being you, is 50% English spoken and because of my connections in the United Kingdom, since that’s where I had my education, the prospects are high that we will find a renowned actor for one of the main characters that will heighten these forecasts even more. We already had some talks with famous Dutch actors aswell and responses have been very positive.
All the developments concerning these matters will be notified on our website in time.

If you in any way feel you want to be part of this project you can donate your spares or write to us if there is anything else you want to contribute with. We will be grateful beyond words.
If however you do not have the possibility to do so, we truly hope, you’ll follow us and come and see, Being you, in the cinema. We believe that will happen!!

“Most people manage to live their lives
where dreams remain their dreams.
But that's so selfish,
to leave them where they simply
 can't be seen.”

- Hudson